The Slot at Online Platform – A Classic Casino Game Of All Time

In the early 1900s, Slot machines were the popular form of gambling – all you have to do is drop a penny or two and pull the lever. Fast forward to 2000s - with the boom of internet gaming; we welcome Slot Online.

The first few years of its’ introduction, gamblers were wary and questions such as: “How will I receive my money?”, “What’s the indicator on winning the game?”, and many more keep popping up. Lucky Star Online Casino erased these doubts through freebies, incentives, and exposure.

So, how does online gambling work?

1.    RNG

The RNG, known as ‘Random Number Generator,’ is the automation used to create fair play amongst the players. If you dive into the inside scoop of the software, it may take weeks to cover the essential topics.

The Random Number Generator uses more than ten algorithms to give different results per player. What most people think is that there’s a pattern, but with the use of RNG, it’s difficult to predict such. Why? RNG Software is updated every week, making it secure and AI-advanced on the games.

2.    Paylines

Does the number of paylines in a slot game determine the number of payouts? Yes! Without it, how will you win anything? These lines allow the players to try their luck. It’s not always about strategizing to win, sometimes all you need is hope to obtain the jackpot symbol!

Tips To Play Casino

You have the necessary knowledge of how online games work, but what’s next? The information you learned won’t be useful if you don’t take it to your advantage. Below are three tips to start and win:

Choose A Game

Know your odds of winning just by looking at the paylines. When you decide to play a slot with 2-5 lines, you have a smaller chance of obtaining the big jackpot. Most gamblers recommend reels with 50 and more patterns.

Stake Price

How much should you put at stake? Bets can be quite nerve-wracking, you won’t know if you’re selling yourself too short. People with zero experience always ask ‘when do I bet more or less in a round?’ The lesser reels mean the more significant risk, but it offers higher jackpot. Meanwhile, the more lines are equals to smaller dangers and rewards.

Weigh your risk appetite, do you want to splurge a hundred dollars in one round or divide it into 5 or more levels? If you’re starting, the best move is to opt for the low risk and rewards until you understand the concept of the casino.


You should study the membership perks of a website, does it give bonuses? How frequent and fast can you redeem the prizes? These are a few you need to keep in mind!

The Dark Knight Slot is a new progressive slot game themed around the Dark Knight super hero. The game was released mid-2012 and has quickly become one of the most played games. Thanks to some excellent bonus features and an impressive progressive jackpot The Dark Knight Slot will be a firm favourite of slot players for a long time.

Dark Knight Slot

Dark Knight Slot Game

The slot game is the normal five reel and 243 ways to win video slot but what makes the Dark Knight Slot unique are all the added features and bonus prizes. An excellent feature that suits the Dark Knight Theme is the Cinematic Spins feature; this great extra will show scenes from the Dark Knight Movie in-between spins. Everything has been taken into consideration to make a first class slot game for players to enjoy; one of the most enjoyable parts of playing a slot game is the winning and Microgaming have ensured that this is a win a minute slot game.

Dark Knight Bonuses

The Dark Knight Slot game is crammed with bonus features making winning very easy. The usual bonus symbols are in the game and more, there is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol for players to take advantage of. The scatter symbol will award players with a free spins bonus, the free spins consists of fifteen free spins and a multiplier.

Another great bonus is the random character bonus unique to The Dark Knight Slot, at times The Dark Knight or the Joker will appear to increase bonus prizes are award special symbols. These bonuses happen with a fun animation that players will enjoy.

Progressive Jackpot

The Dark Knight Slot is a progressive game; this means the main jackpot starts at a figure and continues to grow with every spin by any player. The main jackpot will start growing at one million making the Dark Knight Slot a millionaire maker game. The progressive jackpot is randomly triggered and players will get to enjoy a fun wheel of fortune type game.

All top online casinos will have the Dark Knight Slot for players to enjoy so make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action and jackpots.

Free online slots

The best way to find out if you enjoy an online slot game is to play the game for free, this way you don’t waste any money and you get a feel for the game. Many online casinos offer a practice mode where you can play free online slots as much as you like. I highly recommend playing the free online slots that online casinos offer other than playing at other sites.

It is easier to play the free online slots from your favourite online casino because if you enjoy the game you will also be guaranteed that you can then play the game for real money. By playing these free online slots at the casino you will also see what the payouts are like and how often the game pays out.

Free slots

Many online casinos have over 500 online casino games for players, each one of these game can be played in practice play allowing players to try out all casino games for free including table and slot games. The only games that are not free online slots are the progressive slot games but players can try out any other slot game for free. The progressive slot games work the same as other slot games they just have the highest and most wanted bonus jackpots.

If you are new to online casinos and gambling then free play and free online slots are a definite way to see what games you enjoy and an easy way to learn how to play. If an online casino does not offer free online slots or practice play then I do not recommend using that online casino. Many online casinos like Royal Vegas, Platinum Play, 7Sultans and Vegas Palms all offer practice play including free online slots.